Buyer Advocacy

Buyer Advocacy


Joe Sofra is a fully licensed estate agent, a member of the REIV, an auctioneer and buyer advocate.

Joe commenced his real estate career in 1970. He opened his first real estate office in 1975 and continues to run it, although on a smaller scale than before.

This gives him time to pursue his other interest…. “Buyers Advocacy”.

The buyers advocacy started many years ago when after selling a property for his clients, they asked him if he could help negotiate a purchase on their behalf as they were not comfortable nor confident to do it themselves.

These days because of the fast paced lifestyle we live in, a lot more people are using the services of a buyer advocate.

A competent buyer advocate can save you not only a lot of money but also minimise stress……. knowing that the negotiations are done by a professional.

The fees are very reasonable and in many cases almost negligible compared to the thousands of dollars you will save due to his negotiation skills.

Call Joe for an obligation free chat. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can save!

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